Ripple Effect

As I observe the happenings of the country during this election season, and my own reactions to the chaos, I am reminded that what we/I choose to act upon or engage in influences others.

I go back time and time again to the idea of the ripple effect of our words, thoughts and actions.  Words I cannot take back, actions that hurt others or are out of alignment with peace, and thoughts of separation that do not involve acceptance.

If I were to toss out hatred, the people closest to me would be impacted by this.  They would either move away from me, or join me in my dislike and negativity.  As they  began engage in that belief, the people closest to them would begin to shift, and so on and so on.

Soon–as I believe we see everyday–the circles of hatred would grow to be larger and larger.

Coming upon a group of middle school children waiting for their bus yesterday, I watched as a man stopped his truck in traffic and jumped out of his vehicle and begin screaming and chasing these innocent children.  His manic and outright violent behavior will forever be embedded in these kids minds.  I pray that they use this experience as an agent for change and for peace.  I pray that they learn to not engage with behavior like this, including racial animosity.  I pray that they become the faces of peace.

It is my hope that we all can learn to toss out love and then watch the ripple effect of goodness permeate our circles, and beyond.  It is my hope that we can become the world that is demonstrated through the obvious signs of nature–a harmony and rhythm that requires only observation.

I choose to toss out love.




2 thoughts on “Ripple Effect

  1. When I read the following a couple weeks ago, I too was struck at how much hate and fear is being rippled through our nation…
    The power of the human ability to speak words is completely misused. We use the word to curse, to blame, to find guilt, to destroy. Mostly we use the word to spread our personal poison–to express our fear, anger, jealousy, envy, and hate. The “word” is pure magic–the most powerful gift we have as humans–and we use it against ourselves. We plan revenge. We create chaos. We use the word to create hate between different races, between different people, between families, between nations. Misuse of the word is how we pull ourselves down and keep each other in a perpetual state of fear and doubt.
    — adapted from The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz
    I certainly have done my shameful share of this, but I join you in praying for and choosing, whenever I am awake and aware, to spread the ripples of peace and love.

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