Being Real

No matter how much I try to stay hopeful and find comfort through my belief that good does eventually come from most not-so good situations, I would be lying if I said I am not scared, shocked, terrified, but mostly deeply saddened by the outcome of our election.

So sad that when I woke up in the wee hours of Wednesday morning  I gasped in shock, then immediately went to the shower to wash off what felt like filth as tears poured down my face.

I am sad for people with disabilities. I am sad for people of color.  I am sad for women.  The many questions that I ask and that I hear others asking continue to swirl in my mind….how can this be?  How did we get to this point in American history that we elect someone who has been recorded as being so full of hate.  How?

Maybe because we need to crack so that new light can come in.  Maybe because we need to fall apart in order to rebuild. Maybe because our culture has become so full of hatred and entitlement and blame that it is easier to be angry than it is to be responsible.

I realize that the responsibility starts with myself.  And so I take responsibility for not stuffing my feelings of despair in order to see some far-away potential. Instead, I am choosing to let myself feel what I feel; the anguish, the sadness, the fear.

And then I get on with my day.  Making a difference.  Being light.  Showing love and kindness.  Being real.


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