Bold #1

My intention this year is to BOLD. To take risks and walk to the edge of my comfort zone, or even beyond. 

Last year I learned that my deepest and most rooted core value is safety. The decisions I make and the people with who I surround myself all support my need and value of safety. I am meticulous and deliberate with most, if not all, aspects of my life both personally and professionally. 

It’s how I operate. 

Following my second hip surgery in just eight months and with some encouragement from my love, I opted to begin looking at a car that would be easier to get in and out of and offer me more comfort and safety. Reluctant to spend the money, I hesitated. The idea of a car payment played with my sense of safety, despite the fact I make plenty of money and my credit score came back 844 (which initially I was more stoked about than the car itself). 

Add in the laborious decision of what car to choose. I immediately sensed the shaking of my sense of security. 

So here is where being BOLD comes in. Rather than play safe and buy a car that is average and middle of the road in looks and features, I walked to the edge of my safety bubble to buy something functional, safe, fun and oh, so sassy. 

Life isn’t for shying away from. Life is to be BOLD. 


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