The week was as tumultuous as the wind that whips outside my window.  Chaos.  Nearly every day there was a push against the direction that I seemed to want to be going.

Years ago a friend told me that the wind symbolized movement of energy and that to imagine that the wind is taking away and moving things that no longer serve you.  I come back to this time and time again, especially during a week like this one.

What is being moved through me or from me? Am I trying too hard to hold onto something that is working hard to the surface to be released? Should I just let go, open my arms and allow whatever it is to fly from me?

I am a believer in the synchronicity of life.  I believe that every single person I meet and the experiences I have are divinely appointed. The hard stuff and the easy stuff.  I also believe that if I am awake I can see that what I experience and who I meet are symbolic like the wind–movement and opportunity to release.

I met with a dear friend yesterday and he told me that his word this year is ’embark’….the spaciousness of that word is incredible.  I immediately wanted to take a really long breath and just sit with the idea of embarking.

As I watch the wind bend my pine tree into fits of what looks like rage this morning, I ask myself some questions. What am I clinging to that keeps me from stepping towards that next step on my journey?  What belief do I have that is wanting to keep me where I am at?  Can I allow myself to shake and release the old that is preventing me from fully expanding or living in a way that is leaning towards bold?  Am I willing to expand and embark on my own life in a way that is truly bold? Am I open to see what others can offer?  Can I release the judgments and disappointments that weigh me down? Can I take in all that the chaos might be making room for?  Can I sit with the movement, see that at the end of this challenging week that the most important thing to go back to is gratitude to be alive and to love and be loved?

I tell myself breathe it in.  Let the wind shake me until I am free from what is seeking to surface.  Expand.  Embark.  Be BOLD.



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