Bold #2

For years I have had a book in me that has been wanting to be written.  A contemplate and yet educational narrative of how I came to be in this existence of living my life purpose with passion and new founded BOLDness. A record that touches on the aspects of my life raising a child with a disability, waking up to my own spirituality, an incredible weight-loss and health turn around, but mostly it is a tale of how I have walked through some of those fierce and hot coals of life to come out and live my life purpose through sharing Yoga  with people living with disabilities.

Two hip surgery recoveries have forced me to make the time to write. While my body does what it needs to heal I no longer had the excuse of a busy work schedule or other distractions to take me away from what is seeking to be spoken.  As I have learned to adopt a newer and much more deliberate pace to my personal life, I have made decisions that support the finest of my potential.  Not just the potential of writing this book, but choosing to walk a bit slower, observe my body more, listen better, speak with intention, think with clarity. Although I am back to work teaching Yoga full-time, I made the BOLD decision that I am worth this.  My story is worth it.  The lives I may touch are worth it.

My BOLD #2 action has been to purposefully set aside time each week to go to a coffee shop with my lap top and write.  Just write.  The reasoning behind getting in my car and going to a noisy coffee shop is to help me foster the importance of an appointment with myself to grow and to stretch.  It encourages me to walk again towards the edge of my comfort zone where there will be no household chores to distract me, no meals to prep, no dogs to walk, and even, no people to talk to.  Just write.

And it is a pretty good view to boot with the majestic Pikes Peak watching over me.






2 thoughts on “Bold #2

  1. I am blind and want to do yoga and tia che . Any suggestions on dvds to use that have descriptive videos? I really like your posts and look forward to reading them when you do post. Hugs.

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