A modest version

For as long as I have been teaching Yoga to adults with disabilities, I have found myself at times wavering between noticing what has often brought me to tears and other times being so humbled that it is sometimes hard for me to grasp just how I arrived in this true space of grace.

I know that my ‘story’ and having a child with a disability has been a huge, if not the hugest, stepping stone that has led me here, but I am beginning to realize more and more that it there is another great force guiding me.

I have come to recognize that when I am teaching, I am doing an incredibly modest version of God’s work.  The intuitive nature that my classes take on is so far outside of my actual thinking brain thoughts.  There is something more. Something completely heart driven. Something so pure and so light guiding me that I often leave the class  feeling as though I was the one to receive what I may have just offered to them.

Some days I witness and hear things that are truly divine actions and words.  Just this week following a yoga and meditation session, I asked a young woman how she was feeling and her response was, “I am bankrupt for words that would describe the peace”.

Another moment of grace came when I was sharing the idea that beyond any of our labels, roles, responsibilities and abilities or limitations, at our heart we are just Love.  Pure and bountiful Love. A young man in the far corner of our circle who rarely speaks up and is often struggling to manage his emotions said, “I want to learn to believe that I am Love and not just this guy with a brain injury”.

That is the modest version of God’s work that I get to do while I am here on Earth. I am so thankful for every opportunity to lets God’s Life be expressed through me.

Beyond thankful.



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