I Did It

Today is a HUGE day for me. And it has nothing to do with a crazy good teaching yoga and business month.

This celebration is personal and it has been something I have been working SO hard on for months. You see, back in November I chose 3/1 to be the last day I would never take another narcotic pain medication. I have been prescribed these drugs for over 5 years for a variety of orthopedic reasons and last fall it was determined that my brain was dependent on them. Thankfully I am an incredibly strong willed woman and when I set a goal, I do not give up until it is reached. I actually stopped taking the narcotic 4 days ago, but today is a huge day in my overall recovery because it is the day I knew that I would be done. It was the day I chose to reclaim my body and my spirit. It was the day that I would be done. And I am.

The tapering off was slow and mindful, and not easy at all—I relied on meditation, essential oils, many, many long baths, friends and support from those closest to me. I suffered from withdrawals and it took crazy, crazy strength and tenacity to get through it, but I am so grateful to say that I have. I realize that I still will still likely have some bad days, but I each day that I am further away from it all, the more empowered I feel to handle anything.

So, today I am buying myself some flowers and celebrating my overcoming and success on the absolute hardest thing I have EVER done.



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