My Manifesto

A couple of years ago I took a course online with one of my favorite teachers ever–Brene Brown. It was a game changer for me.

In the course I learned so much about my myself and taking ownership of my life, my stories and ultimately my future. She is one that reminded me to pick myself up, wipe off the dust and get on with it.

I also discovered my deepest core value–safety. The core value is the thing that when you are off course, you feel it in painful ways.

This means that in all aspects of my life I must have safety. Relationships have to be steady and safe without those inconsistent and unpredictable where-the-hell-did-that-come-from stuff that usually happens. You know, things are going smooth and all of a sudden you see the other side? I can’t handle that. Anything that rocks my boat and causes me to feel on shaky ground is no good for me.

My work has to be from my heart and with an ethical foundation. Otherwise, my safety value is shook up. If I am asked to do something out of alignment, I immediately feel the gut sensation that this is not going to be good. Thankfully, since being self-employed I get to choose, and therefore feel safe. I walk away and let go of opportunities that don’t jive with my value. It’s powerful to know this and then be able to make decisions that are part of your own Truth.

Financially I need to know exactly where I am at with money because that feels safe. I have a tight and methodical budget and I know exactly what I need to reach my goals.

It may sound like I am a control freak, but it’s not that at all. My deepest value–the thing that I must have in place–is what drives my ship. And when I am engaging in something that rattles my sense of safety, I know I need to go back and take a look at what is showing up.

I am unable to be in a relationship or a job that doesn’t have an element of feeling safe and secure. Unsteady ground chips away at my spirit and pulls me away from my soul purpose.

One of the final lessons in this course was to take your value and create a personal manifesto. Something that speaks to the life you are committed to living and is a powerful reminder of your purpose.

I have my manifesto placed in locations where I see it over and over. It’s also at the bottom of my email signature. My manifesto is what drives me and that makes me feel incredibly safe.

Every word, thought and action needs to benefit humanity and my own spiritual path. Being of service and living in a way that is rooted in my deepest value is my only way to live.


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