About me



1. I try to not ask why.

2. I strive to be authentic.

3. I must have dark chocolate, daily.

4. I don’t make friends easily, therefore I have few and I am mostly ok with that.

5. I prefer early morning to late nights.

6. I am meticulous about my budget.

7. I always go for the underdog.

8. My kids are the best teachers in life.

8. I don’t like cherry anything, except cherries themselves.

9.  One of my best memories was hiking Pikes Peak with my son when he was 10 years old.

10. It is nearly impossible for me to stay awake during a movie.

11. I love red wine.

12. I found a soul mate in the form of a dog.

13. I love to cook.

14. I love good coffee.

15. I teach Yoga–to people with ALL abilities.

16.  I hate clothes.

17.  Autism intrigues and scares me at the same time.

18.  I love Braeburn apples.

19.  I rarely get angry but when I do it isn’t good.

20.  I am glad I had my kids when I was young.

21.  I love the color green.

22.  Time alone is time well spent.  I am a better person.

23.  It seems the majority of my cars have been red.

24.  I wish I took more time for personal Yoga practice.

25. I can throw a baseball and football like a dude.

26. I rarely sleep past 5am.

27.  I find great peace when I am in nature.

28.  I hope to one day see an elephant in its natural environment.

29. I love to journal.

30. I am afraid of heights.

31.  I don’t like air conditioners; it seems like fake air.

32.  I am learning to let go of a lot of “things”.

33.  I worry a lot.

34.  I love a long bubble bath.

35.  I am finally learning to listen.

36.  I hope to learn to take criticism better.

37. I have learned what true love really is.

38. I believe that being vulnerable can bring about great inner growth.

39.  I love hot water with lemon juice.

40. I wish I felt okay about leaving the house with dishes in the sink.

41. I used to play the french horn.

42. I work towards having positive self-thoughts daily .

43. I believe that red delicious apples are actually not delicious at all.

44. I never take my 2 toe rings off.

45. I have a love for water aerobics.

46. I have always wanted to be a runner, but my body says no way.

47. I recharge by being in nature.

48. I am an introvert.

49.  My hair is naturally red….I hated it when I was younger, but now I love it.

50.  I attempt to be grateful each and every day.



15 thoughts on “About me

  1. I couldn’t help chuckling, reading “the breath” straight after “dark chocolate and good red wine”.

    I think my breath wouldn’t be anyone’s love after indulging those ;) I still do, tho.

  2. Cool. I’m with you on chocolate but I like cherry everything. I know. I’m weird. What a great way to tell about yourself. I feel I know you now, except you are an introvert, so probably I don’t. I’m one too.

  3. I love the list and can identify with a lot of items. I loved the one about leaving the dishes in the sink. I am getting better at it….And I am intrigued by Autism too. My son is 8 years old and is the greatest love of my life….

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